Hollow brick machinery
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QTJ3-25G artificial brick shaper

Main feature:
the 1, this machine automaticity is high, the rational design, the reliability is good, the operation is simple, does not need the hand stoking and the carrier, the production efficiency is high.when 2, this machine formation, uses the high and low vibration. Therefore is suitable specially for the excel in concrete masonry unit or the road face brick’s production. 3, one machine multipurpose, usable, uses for parts the different mold to be possible to produce each kind of shape specification the wall artificial brick. Road face brick and shadow wall artificial brick and so on. the 4, molds use the assembly type, the mold core, the backing and so on are removable, is not only advantageous for the service, moreover the user may save the mold expense.
Model and major technique parameter:
Model - Parameter- Project QTJ3-25G QTJ4-25G
Formation block number 390×190×190mm 3Block/mold 390×190×190mm 4Block/mold
Formation cycle 25Second 25Second
Carrier size (steel plate) 660×450×8mm 850×450×8mm
Carrier size (steel plate) 660×450×30mm 850×450×30mm
Complete machine power 10.6kw 15.1kw
Electric current Three-phase 380V.50Hz Three-phase 380V.50Hz
Complete machine quality ~3500KG ~4000KG
Outlook size 5200×1500×2350 5200×1800×2350